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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 13, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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fierce flames engulf an east bay industrial building. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm julie haener. it broke out in the warm springs area in the city around 1:45 sending a big black thick plume into the air. amber lee is live, she learned how that fire started and just how extensive the damage is,
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amber. >> reporter: we want to show you where the three alarm fire started here at c & h enterprises but it's in the back part of the building where you see the charred wall above the roll up doorless. flames and heavy smoke billowed out from the building around 1:45 this afternoon. employees tell me the fire moved quickly. >> as soon as i got out here and i walk outside it happened so fast it was like incredible. just incredible. >> reporter: fire fighters say soon after they arrived the roof collapsed. luckily by this time all 60 employees and fire crew were outside. the fire started in the machine shop, that's where employees develop parts. >> they were doing some grinding on a special table that is meant to draw the dust
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down. >> because a lot of different combustible chemicals are used, a shell every -- a shelter in order was placed. >> any reports of anybody sickened by it. >> not that i'm aware of at this time. >> reporter: employees tell us the family owned business has been here for almost two the kaeudz -- two decades and that it's a great place to work. >> we were just getting new machines in and we were doing such good business. everything was great. >> reporter: the battalion chief says that they'll have to inspect the machines. the company hopes to be back in business soon in a location
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near by. amber lee. more details now on c & h enterprises. the company shows photos of some of the company's manufacturing work. at we have posted more video from that fire. just look on the bay area news tab. more proof that thieves are active all over the bay area. a viewer in san jose sent us this video. you can see a woman pushing a stroller wake -- walk up and take a package that had just been delivered. it was a box of kids dvds that had been delivered moments earlier. this is just one of several package thefts that we've told you about. police were called to a shooting. they found a man with at least
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one gunshot wound. paramedics responded by that man died at the scene. police have still not identifyed the victim or named any suspects. >> meantime there is new information on the identity of a young man who is san jose's 44th homicide of the year. police identified him as john connansburg. he was a graduate of lee high school. his body was found on bear haven truck near a pickup truck that ran up on a sidewalk. he had been shot. new at 10:00, anger and frustration directed at bay area hyatt hotels in the middle of holiday season. john sasaki is at the grand hyatt where city supervisors joined workers. >> this is the newly renovated grand hyatt hotel. but the new look could not
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cover up a long time dispute between the hotel and its workers. outside, protesters shouted someone like me. >> we need someone on the board besides all these rich people. >> so it's one for them and the board of director they will know how hard these people work. >> reporter: this hotel has been overgoing a renovation now it's a matter of nailing down a contract with workers. >> we have not gotten a raise in three years. everything is going up, the gas, rent, food everything is going up but our paychecks. >> we wanted to convince them to come back to the table and
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allow us to give their employees. >> the workers in nonunion hotels. >> there are signs outside that shows the grand hyatt was voted the best place to work. david campos played off that statement. >> if you are the ceo it's probably the best place to work, but if you're one of those workers you have to work 170 years to get what the ceo makes in one year. >> reporter: live in san francisco i'm john sasaki. new developments as police sergeant has been placed on administrative leave. this after we showed you a facebook video. it was supposedly shot from a
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lamborghini. the sergeant e-mailed us saying he was not driving 100 miles per hour. and the comments that everybody in the car was drunk was quote tongue and chief. there's word that nadia lochlear's claim has expired. she is the wife of estranged husband who has filed for divorce. graffiti threats against a teacher popped up at three different south bay hospital and were aimed against a teacher at mono monte vista. >> students showed us the message targeting a teacher.
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>> i was shocked i was so shocked. he's a nice teacher. he doesn't deserve something like this. >> as a precaution, authorities shut down monte vista. but after hours of searching, bomb sniffing dogs found nothing. in the meantime they have stepped up security for the teacher who they are not mailing for his deputies. >> we have a couple of deputies who are staying with his family at this point. and their family there. investigators say it started with one at lynbreak high school but they found one at kennedy. and parents e-mailed us this picture. >> how do they know that happened? how do kids know teachers from other schools. >> they are tracking down the people responsible. >> the crime still has been committed and we are in fact, have been following up on
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difficult leads right now. >> police play off school security. until the culprits are call. students say they'll be on edge. >> everyone is a big frank. and they thought it funny. authorities say the people responsible for the threats against him and the school could face felony charges. in cupertino, anne rubin. the campus of cal state fullerton returned to normal after a lock down there last nigh. police had ordered students remaim where they were while a the search for suspected robbers were under way. seven hours of room to room
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searching the suspects have not been found. >> it won't be the police department who are checking for these i.d.s or trying to verify. this will be a community initiative basis from youth uprising who we are partnering with to get this done. this is for residents only. each person can turn in up to three guns worth $200 a piece. the second location is saint benedict's. the event takes place from 10:00 in the morning. movers and shakers attended a fundraiser for one of the state's biggest political figures. burton will turn 80 years old in the next month.
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>> it's very important to the kids foster kids when they get out of the prom there's a 50% chance they could end up in the street or in prison homeless. >> burton's foundation provides financial aid and tools such as laptops for foster children in college. he started the foundation in 2004. troubling new revelations about the mother of a newborn pay by who nearly died in the street. after the break, we're learning why she now faces criminal charges. >> a chance of showers tomorrow. but the big story is the cold. i'
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>> three people were forced out of their berkeley home after smoke from a one alarm fire heavily damaged their house. the fire broke out near calusa. a candle sparks the fire in the kitchen. officials estimated the smoke damage to be more than $50,000. no injuries were reported. a threat has members of a mosque in fremont's concern. fortunately that threat was never carried out. maureen naylor talked to the directors of that mosque and found out some of the incidents may have been caught on tape. >> reporter: police say it all started in this islamic center, a man walked in, threatened to have a gun and said he would
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kill everybody inside. he was ordered to leave without hurting anyone but tonight he has not been caught. that threat happened yesterday afternoon. other wise known as the ikic located in pack of the business park off good road in free monday. >> it's a bit concern but i'm hoping this will not happen again. >> leaders invited us inside. >> we're very worried about a situation that happened in oregon in a mosque so we just did not want that to happen here. >> it's made up of 500 members who are who come here for prayer and education. >> waoáe not sure what kind of person showed up. we will be feting pictures o of this that system. >> police say they are not sure
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if the threat would tell. police say they don't have a lot to go on saying the suspect is man in his 30s who possibly drove off in a gray toyota camera. >> reporter: fremont officers will be doing extra patrols looking for anything suspicious and at this point investigators are not calling this a hate crime simply a suspicious circumstance. reporting live in fremont. a woman who gave birth on the street is going to be charged with neglect for her child. the newborn is now in the custody of child protectives
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service. and is expected to -- herr era filed a motion today in federal court. dude activists filed a lawsuit claiming the ordnance violates their constitutional right. herr era's motion states that the courts have upheld private cy and nudity. chairs in solar city sored during its first day of public trading. solar city employees rang the bell this morning. the company has p-bg -- on the broader market the dow was down. this -pl -- comes after a few
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weeks of decline. the minneapolis star tribune reports schultz ended at 3:19. earlier this month u.s. interior secretary ken salazar refused to renew the lease for the company and gave it 90 days to move out. drake's has already filed a lawsuit challenging that decision and has filed for a temporary order. the fresh dungenous will be back in the market in time for christmas dinner. >> reporter: live dungenous crab, most of these twoepb two to three pounds a piece.
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>> we want them two pounds that's what we're looking for. >> reporter: pillar point harbor is buzzing again. >> these first months are very important. so it was really good to get back out and run some gear. >> reporter: cameron pie kwror says everyone is frying to make more lost time and can deliver fresh crab as can believe quakily as possible. >>@been 24 hours. >> to wring this catch in. a lot of this crash is staying right here in the bay area and will turn in the the raáus reason. >> i like seeing my product go locally >> reporter: over at a smaller operation. >> it's family run, we've been here 50 years. >> reporter: jim was selling 100-pound out of an ice chest. >> he has some fresh crab,
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finally. we've been waiting for a long time. it's $5 a pound. and i got four big live crabs for $43. >> hopefully by tomorrow they'll be gone. >> reporter: in half-moon bay, cara liu. california's population appears to be holding steady between july of 2011 to july of here. it brings california's population to 37.8 million people. san mateo county was one of five to postthe largest growth. good night to watch the meteor shower. most of it will get going around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. the skies are mostly clear out there and it's going to be a new moon. bundle up if you're going to be going outside. it is going to be cold out there.
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a frost advisory already in effect for parts of the east bay. that doesn't mean you're hot going to have frost in the north bay or south pay. you'll be scraping some ice then we have a chance for some sprinkles. back here, we have that computer model and it roll spwaos the bay area weekends with a chance -- rolls into the bay area weekends with showers. speaking of meteors, the spectacular show over the bay area and just how long it'll last. >> they had a want for an illegal meth lab. i don't know how to make meth, why would i. >> reporter: up first new
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we have new information tonight about the moments leading up to tuesday's shooting rampage at an oregon mall. police say jacob tyler roberts visited his roommate's brother and said hugged him and said he was going some where south, some where warm. >> this is completely out of character. he's always been warm and loving. my heart goes out to those who lost their lives and who were injured. >> his aunt also said a foot injury prevented roberts from joining the marines. a motive for the shootings is still unknown. john mcafee is back on american soil after weeks on
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the run from authorities in belize. phil keithings tells us, part of his bizarre journey was a hoax. >> reporter: john mcafee is now in the u.s. after being deported from guatemala who was running from belize who wants to question him. speaking to reporters today in miami beach saying he has absolutely nothing to do with that death and he claims a lesion of authorities are trying to trump up the charges against him. >> the reason they came on to my property to begin with, allegedly that they had a warrant for an illegal meth lab. i don't know how to make meth. why would it. >> reporter: the 67-year-old also restating his pwhraoáes his life was in danger and says he is -- restating his believes his life was in danger. >> the fact he was my neighbor is why this is internationally pressing. >> reporter: mcafee says that
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quote heart attack he suffered while he was detained was all a hoax. >> of course it wasn't real. >> there was a three hour time line before the judge ruled against us and he could file an appeal. if nothing happened i would have been returned to belize at that moment. unfortunately i guess the pressure gave me a heart attack and i had one. >> for now mcafee is alone in south beach because his 0-year- old girlfriend and another girlfriend he confirms, 17-year- old amy remain in guatemala city remain in hiding. phil keating. the suit was filed by several district attorney's in
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california. it alleged improper disposal of hazardous chemicals. the company did not acknowledge any wrong doing. google map is back. google released a version late last night. it quickly became the most popular app on the app store. and has received 15,000 mostly five star reviews. this new version is free and includes turn by turn live navigation. apple recently replaced the google map with its own. a mysterious
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happening now, a celestial light show, the annual gemenie meteor store is peaking tonight. patti lee joins us to tell us why this should be a beautiful show. >> reporter: this telescope can magnify up to 5,000 times but because there's no moon and no clouds the best way to enjoy this show might be with a pair of binoculars. or as you see, just with a naked eye. >> i talked to my friend about a falling star she saw, if i could see that that would be great. >> you won't see anything, now
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all of a sudden you will see a little fly go. >> reporter: from our vantage point in the east bay, meteor shore spotting started picking up around 10:00. >> i saw a very bright streak going across the sky and it was really spectacular. >> reporter: astronomers are expecting this celestial display to be spectacular. the gemini will be visible tonight and maybe joined by a never before seen meteor shore from the comet retonin. >> by 1:00, 2:00 in the morning it'll be three a minute. >> reporter: this group waited in line to use the telescope to see the stars and plants. a great view if you can get it but scientists say binoculars are better to spot a meteor shower on nights like this. >> reporter: right now is the peak of the action between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. there's more action tomorrow night through dawn.
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reporting live in oakland, patti lee, ktvu news. strong demand and low mortgage rates are pushing to create a strong home sales. that's up more than 20% from the same time last year. the percentage of foreclosures and short sales fell to 25% of sales from 50% a year ago. there's word from san francisco tonight of a near record real estate deal. 2901 broadway closed education crow recently for a reported $28,850,000. the áf that would be the third most expensive home sale in san francisco history. and according to socket site, the new owners will have to deal with a -- a higher
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property sales tax. the u.n. ambassador was widely believed to be the president's favorite to replace hillary clinton. president obama said he regretted what he called the unfair and misleading attacks on susan rice. massachusetts senator john kerry is now the front runner for secretary of state he was the first to issue a statement today praising susan rice as a capable and dedicated public servant. kerry is known as a foreign policy expert. it's expected he will receive little opposition during confirmation. john boehner went to the white house again tonight for a meeting with president obama. after about an hour, boehner returned to the cap dodging questions from reporters. spokesmen from both sides tribe the talks only as frank. tonight there's still plenty of posturing between the two
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sides. >> the big problem right now is that republicans in the house are resistant to the idea of the wealthiest americans paying higher tax rates. >> the president still isn't serious about dealing with this issue right here. it's this issue. spending. >> if republicans and democrats fail to reach an agreement by january 1st, automatic spending cuts and tax increases for all americans will kick in. action that some say will hurt the economy. a woman found in a san jose creek was acknowledged today as the latest homeless person to die in the city this year. as robert handa reports some of her friends worry she is also a homicide victim. >> reporter: on most days homeless people gather along los gatos creek but not today. friends of the victim known as lovie say she was a drug addict and suspect foul play.
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>> lovie is a very nice person. however when she relapsed she went out there. she's got a few enemies out here from things that she's done. >> it is possible to prevent homelessness in our community. >> reporter: the latest had an impact on a memorial to remember the homeless who died in the streets this year. community leaders read the names of the deceased. organizers are sad the list of 39 will go to 40. >> we did have a decline from last year but despite that we're still losing people to homelessness. that's what this woman's death symbolizing to me today. >> i've been through the storms, through the floods, through the violence and it's very crazy out there and especially for the females it's even more tough. >> reporter: lovie's friends expect to hear she is san jose's latest homicide. >> it didn't surprise me at all because of the area she was at when it happened and the people
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she was hanging around with. >> reporter: tonight the coroner's office says they will not release any more information until they can contact the next of kin. the man serving as interrupt police chief in vallejo will remain the new chief next week. gripes has become the chief. he will come out of retirement for the full time job in a vallejo. he's been caught in a community backlash. he says he looks forward to triping a strategic plan to better serve the public. just how high bay area waters road and when you will see the next high tide. >> it's going to be cold when you get going for your friday morning, to school, the work. then we have the
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award season is in full swing. golden globe nominations were announced this morning. the adaptation of the hit les mis era ble, the golden globes are set for january 13th. >> other movies that scored a best dramatic film is aorbgs
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rgo, django unchained. a law that turns down the volume on tv commercials went into law. it requires tv providers to keep the volume of commercials as low as the programming. >> it's been a problem for americans for decades. this has been one of the top complaints. >> reporter: the fcc will be charged with regulating commercial volumes and consumers can report loud commercials on the agency's website. in news of the world tonight in north korea the government released information. it says the satellite will be used to study crops. one south korean officials says it's tumbling but not out of control. a bomb exploded in a school
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killing at least 16 people. many were women and children. it was one of several bollings in the hospital. russia said president ashad may not be able the to defeat the weather. and in london, a coroner reported that the nurse caught in the prank about the royal pregnancy had committed suicide by hanging. nurse jacintah saldahna apparently left a note behind. city leaders announced a peace at home campaign just in time for the holidays when domestic violence tends to rise. george gascon says there's been a sharp rise in domestic violence cases.
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he says they've almost toweled in the past few years. >> no social boundaries. it impacts all of us. >> reporter: the campaign is being supported by shelters for women and will feature buses on munni buses. the x factor judge calls it quits. plus parts of southern california inundated. the rare combination of events that brought this flooding today. >> chilly weather here tonight. bill martin is tracking how long that will last and the best chance for rain. >> and a reminder that you
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it was the highest tide of the year today in california. this was the scene this morning along the embarcadero during the so called king tide.
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the video was taken when the tide was at its peak. as you can see water reached right up near street level. the high tides were evident throughout the bay area. ktvu's jade hernandez tells us what's behind the king tide and how the rising water level can affect wildlife and infrastructure. >> cautiously adrian dupont trudged through the water near the bridge. >> king tide which means that the sun and the moon are both using their gravitational pull and the tide is extremely high. >> this is a reminder though that we are not in control. >> reporter: dupont sewed us where the high tide pushed water over parts of this bay trail. >> it affects the birds, it affects the trays. this isn't something that happens every year. >> wenger works with a company that measures the sea he feel. >> you would see problems in
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roads, you would see probables in neighborhoods. >> reporter: along the beach in alameda, photographer jeff heart used the tide to his advantage and searched for a glimpse of a rare bird. >> i always know that when you have a tie high like this it pushes some of the shoreline bird species up to where you can see them. >> the king tide pushed waters above 7 feet along san francisco's embarc a dero. this shows just how high the tide road and when it fell here in al mega. if you missed the king tide you can find them here. skwraáeufrd háerpd? a combination of high tide and train caused headaches today. the rape fall shottered a
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record at. water sloshed on to city streets. on monday we told you about a program that offers free flu shots for bay area children. today customers lined up to take advantage. it's reported to be an early and strong flu season. for the rest of this month most bay area target stores are vaccinating children for free. the only criteria the little ones must be within four and 18 years old. in san jose children and their parents lined up to get protected. >> especially since we have an infant at home and the flu is so horrible this year it's just -- it's crazy bad. so i want to try to keep it aout of the house as much as possible. the free flu shot program. thousands of people showed up for a rally to save san francisco city college.
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it took place outside the board of trustees meeting at the college. faculty, students and staff came out to protest. voters recently approved plop siss a and 30 which give the school a financial boost. one of the judges from tobgs's it will talent show is leaving. l.a. lead announced he was leaving the show during an interview. rita has been a judge on the show for two seasons -- reed has been a judge on the show for two seasons. there's another one headed our way for tomorrow. is it a big deal? most likely not. the jet is doing something like this. that's where these storms are
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coming bay. there's a lot dropping down in the regions. that's why the raupb fall accumulations for the next 24 hours or 24 hours and pretty lighter. overnight lows tonight are cool. we will see frost in napa. we will see frost in san jose. when you get up tomorrow morning, scraping the windshield. send the kid off with jackets because it will be very cold. the coldest spots mitt 30s, is stir is. clouds start to phoáuf in tomorrow and with those clouds there's a ride rigging. i have to pee you have. the system that we're seeing
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really looks like it's going to fall apart. fortunately that's after the prime meteor shower viewing. for the most part these clouds moving in at 4:00, 5:00. here we go at 10:00 a.m. you see these out here. these could be spawning some drizzle type events along the coast or in the bay. but not a big deal. as we go into the afternoon. nothing. so again, that's how far they look. here comes another one from the north. another cold system. saturday 7:00 a.m., what's ár what are your plans? it's going to be a little heavier. i'm not changing my planned based on this. it's going to be cool. you might have to think for a little snow in the roadways. another one up here tees up for sunday night into monday. i notice the cloud coming in westerly, it'll look like it's really great. 352 in fair field.
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49degrees in concord so it's going to be a very cool day. the 52 in morgan hill. friday is a cool one. showers, they were in the area. don't be surprised he dot himself with a tpru. the five day forecast nothing was left with -- at the white house, the first family celebrated hanukkah. the festival of lights. members of a temple from long island were invited for the lighting of the manora. the 90-year-old minora survived. president obama called it a symbol of perseverance. tonight is the sixth night of
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some students in the east bay learned a lesson today about giving by helping out with a gift drive for some less
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fortunate families. students at sycamore elementary helped gather the gifts. syyamore is working from a christmas gift list. >> a lot of people asked for like rice and beans and soap. you know the basics that i think we take for granted. >> we're helping kids that have no like any stuff. >> the two schools are connected through a sister school program. fred inglis here with sports and a big paycheck for a major league player. >> it's that time of the year where everybody wants to get settled down before christmas. knowing where they're going and where they're going to play. the giants signed an outfielder but his name isn't josh hamilton. how about five years and $125 million too expensive. the l.a.
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angels came out of nowhere and plucked hamilton. hamilton was the 2010 mvp. he brings some baggage with him but the angels angels make him the highest paid player in baseball along with howard. but the giants are bringing back andres torrez. 34-year-old torrez signed for one year and 2 million with some incentives. he was traded to the nets la year. batted 240. andre has a creek deal. the warriors may never want to come home again. tomorrow night in orlando golden state aims for their
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fourth win. woody allen and ben stiller know the laker can't win in write right now. tonight in new york, kobe bryant pops a three to drop within seven of the knicks. bryan with 31. but the knicks are a perfect 9- 0 for the first time in 20 years. raymond felt it. to tie son chandler. nick 17-5 lakers just nine and 14. san jose's arch bishop traveled to missouri to play hoops in travis texas. because of that kind of power ball. but mononarcs trail by three. texas wins. gordon with 14 points nine for mitty. tom watson was named the
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next captain of the 2014 u.s.a. rider cup team. he led usa to a victory. the lonely eagles can grab their golf clubs any time soon. the visiting cincinnati bengals dropped the eagles. 17-13 lead. bengals are 8-6. eagles lost the ball five times tonight. gets ripped and stripped. bengals win 34-13. that is sports as we see it for this thursday night. i don't know i'm kind of waiting for the warriors to play again. >> they've been on a good run lately. >> and they're fun to watch. >> fun to watch the lakers lose as well. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
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news breaks. >> the ktvu online app
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